Online Resources Lybrary


On the website Biblioteca online de recursos de Dibujo Espiral Cromática you can find a selection of computer applications, resources, blogs and websites related to drawing, education and new technologies. There are more than 600 links classified as Basic Resources to Advanced Resources, and organized alphabetically under: Animation, Art, Artists, Films and Television, Color, Conservation and Restoration, Artistic Drawing, Technical Drawing, Design (Graphic, Industrial and Illustration), Educational Drawing Blogs, Arts and Crafts Education, Photography (online editing programs, general, photographers), Museums, Other libraries of links, Painting, Educational Portals, Publicity, Artistic Techniques (Collage, Comics, Engraving, Graffiti, graphic acrylic techniques), Free Software, Webquest and Wikis.

You can easily link to the left-side menu where the information is classified by themes, or you can do a search in the search bar located in the upper right hand side of the page.

Creative Commons License
Biblioteca online de recursos para Dibujo Espiral Cromática by Pilar Toro Prieto is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share 3.0 Spain License.


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