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Christmas Ornaments

Here they are! I know that it is a little late, but better late than never.

This year 3rd ESO pupils have been doing christmas ornaments with recycled material: jars caps. And the results have been interesting.

Alberto has combined paint and sticky stars to make a snowy landscape. That day on the lesson I explained to him about aerial and lineal perspective in order to create depth. Well done!

Claudia has drawn the silhouette of the classic sled with presents, reindeer and Santa Claus. Simple and effective.

Andrea has made a composition with several  kinds of caps, taking advantage of their different shapes and colours of them. Very good!

Emma has painted both faces of the covers with a gingerman, Rudolph, a pretty ribbon and some sticky leaves.

Laura has made the fir tree but with a scrubber! Great idea to imitate even the texture of the branches. Glitter and stars are good materials for this composition.

Lucía has used another kind of paint. I think it is some kind of nail polish. The shine obtained is very elegant. Her work is always very delicate and with good taste.

Raquel has made three jar covers with an interesting range of colours which combine very well among them.

And to finish one of my favourites because it is very very conceptual. Tomás has represented the essence of Santa Claus only with a fragment. It is the part of the bottoms, the belt and the beard in front and the back in the opposite face. He didn’t wait for the paint to dry and this could have been a problem at first. But the final result in this case is very rich because the colours match so well.

And these are some of the results:


Merry Christmas and Happy 2015 Year

Wishing for you that 2015 opens the door to all of your dreams, projects, and hopes. But, “pray that the road is long” as Kavafis says in the  Ithaka. Between each step, dance!, between each spin, health!, between “free spin” and “tuck turn”, love!, between “tandem” and “swing out” a rich food and good company, interesting readings, smells, walks, journeys, trips, expositions… There are such good things to come!

Because where you pass you leave a marvelous mark.