Your projects 2

Jorge based on several texts as The Chatcher in the rye by J.D Salinger  and Keep on keeping on by Michael Sage. What he wanted to represent above all was perseverance and the idea of sticking to the things you like and enjoy doing in order to accomplish your goals; success based on honest intentions, humbleness and effort.

Certainly it is a project very thought and planned. Look at his sketches as well:

sketch1-2 sketch3-4jorge_project 4



jorge_project_2 jorge_project_4 jorge_project_5

Ana Venteo got inspiration from one poem by Mario Benedetti and an anonymus sentence. Mario Benedetti’s is in the picture:
“Nos enseñaron desde niños cómo
se forma un cuerpo sus funciones sus sitios
pero nunca supimos
de qué estaba hecha el alma”.
The second one was also related with the soul: ” The sun sees your body, the moon sees your soul.” That’s why she painted a night landscape, because for her, at night, you are more “pure” and sincere with yourself and everything.
She chose this topic because it is a mistery but although not having a scientific explication, we know that there’s something in ourselves. That’s why she wanted to represent a soul. A soul in peace.
She had a lot of difficulties: how to represent a soul, or how to seem depth and with the aereal perspective… But fake it till you make it!


Guillermo Guzmán’s project is very complex because he talks us about “Lazyness” for knowing people and no judge them for the first gist, limits of sexuality and gender.

He shows his images in a spectrum, one close to the other, like an evolution.

guillermog_project 1 guillermog_project 2 guillermog_project 3 guillermog_project 4 guillermog_project 5 guillermog_project 6 guillermog_project 7 guillermog_project 8 guillermog_project 9_1  This is the barrier we puts.guillermog_project 10 guillermog_project11


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