Daily Archives: 16/06/2015

Your projects 1

After going to Roni Horn’s exhibition we were working in a personal project: free technic to show us something about you, your thoughts, your worries… to move us.

The results have been very varied and interesting. Here there are some examples of them:

Candela wanted to connect teenagers with technology and school. She took four photos where you can see a mountain of books and at the top a technological device. This means that teenagers use more technology than books for searching things that they don´t know. She has also put them in the order that they were invented.

candela_project_2 candela_project_3 candela_project_4 candela_project_5

Claudia’s project is an installation made for children or young people mostly. The mirrors represent the future in a subjective way, because it let them imagine what would they want to be, without being scared of what people can think about it, Some people work at something they don’t like, because they don’t have other option, but when you are studying you have to do what you want, for your dreams can become true.

claudia_project_2 claudia_project_3

Pelayo’s project consist in represent his hobbies with iconic symbols: a balloon wich shows that he loves chatting and giving his opinion, a painting palette wich tells that he loves painting. And finally a bass clef which represents his love for music and playng instruments. He decided to use fosforescent painting to show the strength of his personality .


Raquel has done a wave because she wanted to show how important is Vigo for her and I thought that the sea was the best way. The wave is made up of pictures of all her life representing when she was little and she lived there, but with the pasage of time she is further from there. The base of the wave represents her childhood, the foam the future and the end the death.