Roni Horn and 19th FotoPres

Last Thursday and Friday we went to two fantastic exhibitions in CaixaForum.

Roni Horn and her Everything was sleeping as if the universe were a mistake (phrase from The Book of Disquiet, a work that the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa began in 1913 and left unfinished on his death in 1935). It is the first retrospective devoted to this American artist who won the Joan Miró Prize.

I am fascinated by the possibility that a single entity can be plurality or multitude.


From – ‘Roni Horn aka Roni Horn: Subject Index” – Whitney Museum of American Art 2009


“Agua Viva,” detail, 2004. Production still from the “Art in the Twenty-First Century” Season 3 episode, “Structures,” 2005. Segment: Roni Horn. © Art21, Inc. 2005.


Pi and You are the Weather, are two amazing installations. In all these works, however, Horn interrogates the reality around her, her identity and her relationship with her environment.

The second exhibition was 19th FotoPres ”la Caixa”. New Documentary Image. There are ten exhibitions in one in the nineteenth edition of the competition.  Ten personal approaches to documentary photography that explore and extend the status of the image as a reflection of reality. The projects address different aspects of contemporary society: territory, peripheries, identity, violence, frontiers… using formats that go beyond the traditional image to embrace video, documentation, installation and interaction with the social networks.

”La Caixa” Foundation teamed up with the Magnum Photos agencies, whose photographers acted as mentors for the artists selected. The artists selected are: Arnau Blanch, Rebecka Bíró and Victoria Montero, Jon Cazenave, the group formed by Borja Larrondo, Pablo López-Learte and Diego Sánchez, El Cíclope Mecánico, Gerardo Custance, Mattia Insolera, Sebastián Liste, David Mocha and the NOPHOTO group.


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