Golden section with Donald

If there is anything you should try to avoid whenever possible, it is learning configurations by memory without understanding them, so that if your memory fails, you do not know how to solve the exercise. This is true in the case of the pentagon, which we might not be excited about to begin with, even though a great beauty is hidden in its properties. If we carefully examine the figure rather than simply learning without thinking, we will see that it is more interesting than we originally thought.

In Bachillerato, we always analyze in detail the construction of the pentagon and we check how THE SIDE IS THE GOLDEN SECTION OF THE DIAGONAL.

lado y diagonal del pentágonoI know that in 3rd ESO, for some, this still sounds strange, but you should pay attention to it because we will work on it in class. Now, in order to know what this “golden section” is, I’m going to hand it over to a good friend…

This is a part of the film Donald in Mathmagic World, where Donald join Pythagoras’ secret society, which distinguished its initiated with the symbols of the pentagram. Sum up of the film.

Click here to watch the whole film.

Do you want to know more about golden section and Fibonacci numbers? Visit Nature by numbers by Cristóbal Vila.


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