Poligons and symmetry

After a little review, we are going to begin with some 3rd ESO content: regular polygons with a given side: triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon and nonagon.

Although I will give you some notes, you can see two interesting resources (in Spanish):

Educación Plastica.net: web by Fernando Ruiz de Lejarazu. At “trazados geométricos” you can see information and games about polygons.

Remember: polygons obey different symmetries depending on the number of their sides:

  • If the number of sides is EVEN, the polygon has a radial symmetry. Its radial centre is the centre of the circumference around it.
  • If the number of sides is ODD, the polygon has an axial symmetry. The vertices are opposite of the middle point of the opposite side.

Surf and practise on Ritmo y Simetría en la composición plástica by Mª Luisa Bermejo, winner of the contest Materiales Curriculares 2005. You can explore and have fun with this resource!


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