This year we are beginning with Geometry in 3rd ESO.

I hope that you enjoy this subject and find it very interesting.

Geometry (geo=earth, metry=measurement, from Latin) was born in Egypt many centuries ago. It was born as a necessity beacuse the Nile river grew every year, flooding the land and destroying property boundaries.

These boundaries had to be re-established for the ROPE-STRETCHERS



who worked with a rope with twelve knots in order to build up right triangles of 3, 4 and 5 spaces in each side.

egyptian triangle

We know about Geometry thanks to the Greeks, who conquered many territories, including Egypt, where they learned about Geometry. Greek people, especially a man named Euclid, wrote many geometric treatises. Due to this, plane geometry (two dimensions) is called Euclidean geometry.

In 1st ESO you studied some parts of plane geometry. Here are some basic things you might need to review:

Pay attention to the pronuntiation:



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